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We're exited to introduce you to James Bressingham CPA who is a native of Long Island and has over 20 years' experience of Expat taxes working for some of NYC leading accounting companies. James has terrific credentials and a great tax mind and leads our team of accountants. At any time please do not hesitate to contact James if he can be of any assistance whatsoever.

You’ll have a very good experience with James and his team. They are exceptionally adept at making your US tax filing process simple, efficient and exacting to your needs!

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Fedserv is a non-government service provider of Federal and State Government forms used for filing, reporting and compliance matters. We’re a third party designee providing assistance in the efiling of the FBAR for the IRS without the need to fill out complex, confusing and time consuming government forms, which often causes errors and/or delays. With over 1,900 IRS forms and publications, mistakes are common; with many people choosing the wrong type of form or inaccurate information. When filing, we charge a service fee for preparing your documentation and working within the guidelines of the IRS to get your filing properly uploaded in a fast and secure manner. We provide the highest quality of customer support. We thank you for choosing Fedserv in assisting you with your tax reporting needs.
We also assist with all accounting and tax related matters, using professional CPA's


EFILEFBAR are the leading experts in FBAR filing since the law was introduced. We are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of FBAR requirements and will make sure that your reporting requirements are done properly the first time. We are here to assist you with any questions you may have, make revisions if needed and can help you streamline your past FBARs that you may have missed. We give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are fully compliant with your reporting obligations and that your record maintenance requirements are being cared for using the most secure and encrypted technology available today.

  • Free currency exchanges
  • Intuitive, easy to use online wizard
  • Paper filing
  • Phone, email & chat support with friendly, knowledgeable experts
  • Safe and encrypted compliance with record keeping 5 year requirements
  • Unlimited revisions and access
  • Reminder utility
  • Savings over traditional accountants